YOUR BEST LIFE: 26th Apr - 1st May21

Food for thought. Can Yoga help you live your "best life"? And what does that even mean anyway? What do we consider to be the markers of that idea?

It's not for me to tell you what your best life might be - it's going to be different for everyone - but perhaps I can share my own ideas about it with you. For me it's not about all the material stuff. it's about shutting down all the clamour of "gotta gotta gotta" - of being content with who I am, where I'm at, and being centred. Of not feeling the pressure of time biting at my heels to get things done. To dance to my own tune and find a deeper resonance and harmony with the world around me. Not always easy - but I am drawn back to these priorities every time I step onto my Yoga mat. Because there's no kidding myself there. My body will only do what it will do, and it brings me back to what's important.

In my own practice I have a certain way of working - I take micro pauses in the transitions from one pose to the next. It's in these little pauses that learning happens - when I stop thinking about that next pose and focus on that one tiny moment.

Try it in this weeks practice:

Take a pause

Find the root of your strength

Find the wellspring of your breath

Notice - be honest

Then move from your centre

This method may transform your practice. And the practice of Yoga may transform you life - but it does so very slowly and subtly - for the better.




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