Yogarami adventuring - 31st may -5th June.

Recently I brought you a class from a Yurt on the Pen Beddu estate near Nannerch. This week I will be bringing you classes on Tuesday and Wednesday from Plas Curig Youth Hostel in Snowdonia. I am off adventuring just for a couple of days. It could be fun!

Because of this the time table will be somewhat different this week because I won't be able to run the classes in the hostel's busiest times - ie: evenings. So on those two days there will be classes on at 8 -9am only. Please note - no class on Monday because of the bank holiday.

From Thursday morning things will be back to normal with an extra class on Thursday afternoon so please do have a look at the schedule and plan which classes to join.

This weeks session will be full of fun twists to counter the fairly strong back bending element of last week, and still building on our work with balancing and coordination.

I hope you all have a great bank holiday and enjoy the wonderful warm weather.

See you in class


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