Yoga anywhere!

Last week we had class from a Youth hostel common room and from a woodland glade using a mobile phone as a portable hotspot for my laptop. It was really special sharing class with you from such a beautiful and peaceful location!

Whilst we have all this amazing weather why not consider taking your practice outdoors? Obviously check you have a good signal and enough mobile data on your phone contract (so you don't end up with a massive bill!), and away you go! It doesn't matter where you are - you can still join in. So you don't need to feel conflicted about whether to join class or enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. There has been so much stuff in the media about the health benefits of being in nature - both mental and physical. And it takes the feeling of connection we try and cultivate in our practice to another level!

Our practice continues to evolve this week. The Twists and balance are still a feature but a bit of upper body and core strength added into the mix!

Join me in class!


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