The centre of everything

How do you define your centre? The physical centre of your body? your spiritual centre?

What do we actually intend when we "centre" ourselves, as we do at the beginning of each yoga class?

It's a fundamental precept. When we are centred we are strong. When we are not then we are far more subject to the vicissitudes of life. Less able to resist being pulled in all directions at the whim of other people, or just getting swamped by events.

In terms of our practice this week we are building the core strength theme - not through endless boat pose (although there will be some - I won't lie!) but by moving from the core and invoking it's support in every pose. I find this type of practice really helps get me through whatever's going on - particularly if things are busy and stressful. And even if they are not its a good starting point for meditative practice and for quietening the monkey mind!

The X shape in the centre of the infinity symbol is for me a good representation of how the core works - mentally, physically and spiritually. How the centre governs the extremities, and how, once we have mastered that connection we are able to radiate out from there - increasing our personal field of energy.

See you in class



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