TAPAS -The fire of Transformation

YOGARAMI 6th - 11th Sept 2021

A bit of a longer post this week as I have a lot to share with you. It's earlier than normal too because you need to know the following info:

*********************************** IMPORTANT NOTICE for subscribers********************************

  • So sorry - I promised a Saturday class at 8 am tomorrow - this is now unfortunately cancelled because the schedule of lovely things my daughter has planned for this weekend starts earlier than I anticipated.

  • If you are one of those who can only join on Saturdays I will suspend your subscriptions until Saturdays are back on again ( 11th & 18th also cancelled as I will be hosting retreats)

  • Do check out the subscribers page for up to date info - or the class calendar.

The broadband engineer is here as I write and I finally have all my equipment so I'm optimistic that it will be sorted out by next week. Fingers and toes crossed.

September News.................................................................................

I'm still working on getting Pilates and Tai Chi / Qi Gong etc into the studio. However - it's really exciting to be able to announce a number of new classes starting in September - see below. More info about all of these is going to pop up on the website during the course of next week, but here's a preview of whats happening.

Also if you're interested in a daytime beginners class let me know. - Plans are afoot.

New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class

Thursday 9th Sept: 4-5pm- Happy Bees Yoga for Kids

Also on Tuesdays at 11am ( mainly run for home schoolers)

A story time format with various poses, meditations, riddles, partner work, affirmations and group activities- all with lots of laughter! Parental attendance is encouraged - as well as being a fun bonding experience it's lovely to practice at home too! Recommended age range is between 3 and 11 years old although older and younger children are welcome! Parents can wait with a cuppa around the kitchen table if preferred:-)

New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class

coming soon.............

Friday 10th Sept 10.30-11.30am: Music & aromatherapy for babies and small children.


11.30am -12.30pm Aromatherapy for basic family healthcare - around the kitchen table with a cuppa!

New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class

Tuesday 14th Sept: 7-8pm Gentle Flow with Jadine

more info coming soon..........................

New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class New Class

Wednesday 15th Sept: 6.30 - 8.30pm - Belly Dancing taster session

Classes will then run in 5 week block 6:30- 8:30pm Wednesday 29th September - Wednesday 27th October. More info & booking:

Next week's class theme:

TAPAS -The fire of Transformation

So this week as we come to the third of the Niyamas - Tapas: it's all about the self discipline required for the practice (not small plates of delicious Spanish food I'm afraid).

Tapas means Fire, or Solar Rays. Working with this Niyama can simply be the self discipline of returning to your yoga mat regularly. Many people come to yoga seeking some sort of change or other - maybe rehabilitation from injury, or greater physical freedom and ease. Others come to yoga to find relaxation and tranquility of mind. Whatever your reason, sometimes inertia and doing nothing can feel a whole lot more comfortable than action and the austerity required to make progress, no matter what the rewards might be. Often we undermine our goals after a short amount of effort or even before we begin. It's important to understand that whatever you want from yoga is possible - but only if you put the work in - then all things are coming (as with most things that are worthwhile)!

Many of you have found this discipline during lock-down, and hopefully you have reaped the benefits! It's a bit harder to stick with as we return to a more "normal" existence, and that's where real self discipline comes in if your goals are important enough to you. However, this doesn't mean finding the biggest stick to beat yourself with, or in other words - pushing or trying too hard. A sustainable effort is what is required. Consider the way a blacksmith heats steel in order to shape it into something beautiful, functional, or both! The steel must be heated to a certain temperature to make it pliable but not so much that it melts. Then it is subjected to repeated blows to shape it. Hit too hard and I imagine that it would break or distort too much. After all - the first of the Yamas (so you could say possibly the foundation stone of the entire practice) is Ahimsa - non violence.

A lot of our physical yoga practice is spent ironing out habits that have been placed into the body or mind, disrupting our movement or thinking patterns, and potentially causing wear, and even injury in the body, or disrupting the tranquility of the mind. These habits haven't got there overnight. Sometimes they have taken a lifetime to build, so we can't expect them to just disappear. Instead, little by little, repeated conscious, and right practice will slowly correct these habits over time.

You are the blacksmith!

See you in class



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