Studio opening week: 26-31 July 21

It's finally here - opening week! Due to being away hosting a retreat all last week I haven't really had time to get organised as well as I would have liked, but I set myself the goal of opening this week and so we shall.

Your schedule hasn't changed much this week except that I'm opening up some of the online classes so that you can join me in the studio if you wish. These classes are just to see how it works combining live and online together, as ideally that's how I would like to progress things if possible. I've been checking the equipment this weekend and it seems to work so fingers crossed it will be OK!

If you want to join the classes live in the studio please book online via the website as I will need to know who is coming. You will be able to join these as part of your subscription or for a one off intro price of £5 if your not a regular subscriber (online or in person) as we get started.

Subscriptions will stay the same for this week but I will be introducing a new pricing plan to reflect online only, and studio based classes - or a combo of both.

Over the coming weeks the schedule will evolve as I introduce more live classes into the mix, including classes for absolute beginners and for those who might be long out of practice.

In due course as we settle into the space I will be offering teas, coffees, and Masala chai, along with maybe a piece of cake to follow up the practice and connect with other Yogis.

Meanwhile - our practice this week will probably focus on some deep stretches and cooling techniques. In this hot weather we are all a little more mobile, but maybe not so keen to throw ourselves around the mat quite so much. We'll see - I always start