Spring watch! 1st -6th March 2021

Oh my goodness - Finally we are on the brink of spring! How wonderful to feel we are finally coming out of the long dark winter into a new season of hope and growth.

Winter always feels like a long haul and the beginning of March can feel like emerging from hibernation. Especially now, with a long winter and an even longer lock-down mostly behind us. Do you feel like you have perhaps disappeared a little as so many aspects of life have been shut down. I know I do! So I've been making sure to get outside in the sunshine, listen to the birds, watch the wildlife, for all those signs of spring, the signs of coming back to life.

Our Yoga forecast for March 2021 is as follows:

We are starting with a continuation of our back bending practice which gives us vitality and enthusiasm to match the energy of oncoming spring.

I will be encouraging you to take the time to stop and reflect on just how a pose feels - where you are at in it; where you should be at; time to meet yourself exactly where you are right now; time to get inspired.

Some hip openers are creeping into the practice as we move through the month, to help us to flow into the new season.

Finally standing balances are continuing to feature in this month Yogic weather pattern as we connect to the earth putting down roots, to grow new shoots!

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