Pure Core - 29th Mar- 3rd Apr

Hi Yogis

We've already been bringing some core work into our practice the last couple of weeks as it stimulates Manipura chakra - helping along a bit of internal spring cleaning and boosting our energy for spring.

This week I'm interested in how to integrate the core more deeply into our practice. Many different little techniques and pieces of knowledge that I've gleaned over years of learning have coalesced during my practice into something specific that I want to share with you.

I bang on about how important the core is, but I keep on discovering more and more ways in which it supports and integrates the whole system.

The image with this post this week is just a simple traditional Labyrinth pattern, found all over the world. As I was looking at it I came to think not only how much it resembles the structure of the intestines but also - if you turn it the other way up, it's a rudimentary map of the brain! .

Then I got looking at pictures of the intestines It struck me as perhaps more than coincidence that the form of kundalini - the serpent energy that resides at the base of the body in Muladhara chakra - strongly resembles the basic form of the intestines - The image on the left isn't the best representation of this but it helps to visualise the path of awakened kundalini as it travels upward through the body leading to spiritual awakening. Kundalini is traditionally coiled three and a half times around a lingam - the spine perhaps? I was trying to count the main loops on the intestines and there could arguably be three and a half. It's all food for thought.

Practicing with this in mind - Kundalini - Intestines -Spine - Brain- Enlightenment - brings a different awareness into how we use our core strength and of course the bandhas. It's an interesting path! Hope you'll walk it with me this week.




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