Playing with Fire: 3rd - 8th May 21

This weekend was Beltane, the Gaelic May Day celebration - half way between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. The days are still lengthening - we are moving towards the "peak" of the year as spring now slowly transitions into summer. Beltane celebrates fertility - the union of the goddess and the green man - the coming together of male and female energies to create new life . Traditional festivities include Maypole dancing and lighting bonfires, which were seen to purify, cleanse and increase fertility. Courting couples would jump over the fire as an act of union and to invoke fertility.

As the natural world gets into full swing - trees bursting into foliage, everything greening up, blossoming and unfolding, so our own energies increase. This is the time for planting seeds and nurturing them into strong healthy plants. Its the perfect time to expand and grow your own Yoga practice - to feel your strength and energy flow and grow. It's also a time to put that energy into dreams, desires, new projects, connection. This seems particularly relevant now as we are slowly emerging from lockdown, back into life! There's a sense of potential, positivity and excitement in the air.

So this week I thought we might channel a bit of that dynamic energy into a joyful practice that plays with and develops our themes of side plank - upper body strength and hip opening. I've just been working on this week's lesson plan to a really great soundtrack that I found. If you want to play it in class this week here's the link: spotify:playlist:2XSt0wi4RUi1NA5dHwCRXq


Please note there are changes to this week's schedule:

  1. No classes Monday because of the Bank holiday.

  2. I will be back at the Leisure centres this week with some live classes - these will be probably be pretty gentle classes as most of the participants may be a bit rusty.

  3. An extra 1hr class at 5pm on Wednesday, just because of the double disruption to the schedule.

The schedule can be found as always on the home page of my website or on the subscribers page.


See you in Class lovely people.




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