May the force be with you! 9th-14th Aug

Yamas are the first of the eight-limbed path of Yoga and are practices to eliminate wrong, harmful or disturbing behavior. They are restraints or abstentions that create a foundation of right living. We are looking at the fourth of the Yamas in our practice this week, having looked at Ahimsa - non violence, Satya- truth, Asteya - non stealing, and now Bramacharya - conservation of life force. How often do we find ourselves squandering our energy indiscriminately? Do you notice it? Multi tasking, spreading yourself too thin, talking too much, staying up really late, eating poorly, will deplete your life force. We start learning the art of energy conservation on the Yoga mat and this guides us how to apply these principles to everyday life. I squandered lots of energy this weekend at a festival (woohoooo - first one in a long time - spot me in the front row cheering for OMD!). It was amazing but exhausting. Happily my yoga practice helped to restore all of the energy that I threw at the joyous and wonderful acts! So this week we are gradually working towards Bramacharyasana - which is the classic pose for retaining your life force. Schedule this week is same as last week's - a combo of live at the Maes-Elwy studio,online and Ruthin & Denbigh Leisure Centres. Don't worry - I will be doing a lateral flow test before teaching live this week!

See you in class. XX

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