Keep on zooming - 22nd -27th Feb 21

Have you got zoom fatigue? It's a thing!

It came up in conversation after class at the end of last week and it's something I've been thinking about.

It may not be too long before lock-down starts to ease off (woohoooo). Maybe only another month or two. But in the meantime zoom/screen based communication is the best option many of us have for classes, social contact, work, education and so on.

So I've been directing my thoughts as to how we can make the zoom experience more fulfilling, seeing as it may well be a lifestyle fixture that is here stay for the remainder of lock-down and beyond, because lets face it - there are many advantages, as well as the down sides.

I'm not going to talk tech because you've all mastered that OK so really it's a matter of refining the other stuff.

None of what follows is exactly rocket science - just common sense - but I think it's helpful to jiggle things around to keep things fresh. I try to do this at my end - keeping classes as fresh and interesting as I can, without losing some thread of continuity and progression.


Even if you only have a very small space available it's good to optimise it for your practice. Clear out as much clutter as possible and make sure there is nothing dangerous around you - sharp corners, objects that might fall on you etc. It's just good feng shui! But how does your space make you feel? Does it give you joy? The layout, the objects in it, the smell, the colours? Maybe bring something into your space that makes it more personal, more comfortable - a haven perhaps - whatever floats your boat! Light your favourite incense or if that makes it too fuggy then use essential oils to create an uplifting atmosphere. Not only will you enjoy your space more but it gives more commitment and purpose to your practice. It doesn't have to be perfect but even a small thing will make a difference.

A pain in the neck!

Next thing is the position of your screen - it should be in a place where it's as easy to see as possible without craning your neck. Does it need to be higher or lower? I got a crick in my neck for the first few weeks of teaching on zoom because of having to keep on turning my gaze to one single fixed point.

Make it easy on yourself

Do you have your equipment close by - like within arms reach? It's always handy if you have blocks and straps, and blanket close to hand as you never know when they might be useful for your practice.


Now that the weather is warmer just have a blanket at the ready to pull over you for the relaxation so that you maximise your time there instead of spending time getting togged up - it's the best way to deal with any zoom fatigue! At the end of class you could always have a little longer in savasana if you need it.

Get ahead

If you can get set up early - even if you join class ahead of schedule and then go off and do something else for five or ten minutes.

Take a break

If you are on zoom a lot, for work or just doing lots of classes or social stuff, it's essential to take a break and get some fresh air and a change of scene. Focus on the colour green - it's extremely calming and is restful for the eyes.


Finally make the most of that albeit brief connection with other people even for the little chat before and after class. It's the thing above all else that's kept me positive for the last year- connecting with all of you lovely people.


Join Amita sion's meditiation sessions to keep yourself on a level pegging!

Please do contact me with any ways that you enhance your zoom experience and I'll share them with everyone.

See you in class




PS - the image above is of the stepwall at Chand Baori in Abhaneri, Rajasthan. It'sa temple dedicated to Harshat Mata, the Goddess of Joy and Happiness. It reminded me of the ups and downs we have experienced lately, in spite of which we can still stay happy and positive. Check it out - the images of it online are stunning!

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