HEART HANDS HEAD: 19 -24th Apr 21

Last week we worked on the heart centre, which governs the hands - the organ of action that connects us with the world and with which we reach out and make connections. I was talking in class about how we often lead with our head at the expense of listening to, or acting from the heart. There is a "mind centricness" in our society that favours logic and reason over passion and creativity. It's something I came across often, in my former career as a jewellery designer. But if we can harness the wisdom of the heart and the mind so that they work together - so that we listen to our deeper wisdom, and allow our creativity to surface, then we can perhaps find a more rounded and fulfilling approach to life. That's the recipe for our practice this week - bringing together the energies of Anahata chakra - the heart centre, and Ajna chakra - the forehead centre or third eye - that governs the mind, logic and reason, but also, when properly balanced, intuition, psychic abilities and spiritual awakening. Its no coincidence that Ajna needs all of the lower chakras functional and balanced to operate effectively.

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