Happy Easter! 5- 10th April 2021

Yoga for the Easter week:

Our schedule is slightly different this week. Every now and again I need a bit of a break to take some time and catch up on the essence of my own practice. To replenish my resources and make sure that what I'm bringing you is as true and authentic as I can make it. Because teaching Yoga is not about delivering a workout, or a relaxation experience for that matter. It is a guided exploration to help you move towards your own truth and authenticity! There has to be a balance between rigor, rest, awareness and inquiry. A curiosity to discover what the practice holds for you.

So - back to this weeks schedule - there will only be morning classes each day this week, but I will be recording each class so that if you can't make it you won't miss out. You'll be able to access them on the website.

Also I am using this week to revisit some old classes from this time last year and to revise some of the stuff we've covered. So I am anticipating that each class will be different, meaning lots of material for you to dip into online as the week goes by.

See you in class



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