Don't panic and keep doing Yoga!

Hi Yogis

I hope you are all well and coping as best you can with the current situation.

Well this is surreal isn't it. I had some pretty good plans for how to keep afloat during the coming weeks I can't help but feel totally at sea. This is something non of us have had to deal before after all.

However - it's no good moping around and letting everything go. I'm inviting you to join me in a daily (or weekly or whatever suits you!) routine that brings structure to each day.

A few of my lovely students helped me test an online class yesterday morning using a platform called Zoom, which you can download for free.

This allows you to join me from your home (or wherever you happen to be) for a live streamed class. You can see me and I can see you if you allow it from your settings.You can use your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

I'm proposing to run these every morning at 9.15am and evenings at 6pm Mon - Friday but am open to any requests, suggestions for alternative times

Each class will start with gentle warm ups suitable for all levels before moving on to a stronger practice, but the flexibility of the platform is great so if you ask for a full gentle class with meditation at the end we can go there. Or you might go for a stronger class with full on drills to make you fitter and develop your abilities. Or we can just play it by ear as I normally do in my everyday classes.

In addition I will put up the full class video on my website along with the class diagram, so you can explore it at your leisure.

I am offering all of this on a weekly basis for the price of one weekly class - ie £7. You will get daily live classes, the full class video and class plan and access to a small local online yoga community (anyone who wants to hang out after class can stay and chat inside the zoom platform). It's a great way to stay connected to people while we are so isolated.

This is all dependant on my new webcam being delivered tomorrow! I don't have a laptop and my iPad mini wasn't really up to Mondays test class They could see me but I couldn't see them very well.

So until my webcam comes (scheduled for tomorrow) I'm busy setting up my space and enjoying the sunshine - having a much needed mini break and getting my head together!

I'll let you know when it's all ready to go - probably by tomorrow (25th March) so look out for my next email.

All the best & I hope you all remain well.



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