CONNECTION: 12th - 17th Apr 21

This week's practice is inspired by ideas of connection. For so long during the pandemic it's been hard to maintain a meaningful sense of connectedness, and its been very easy to slip into a slightly surreal feeling of unreality. Especially if much of our contact with the world is coming largely from digital media or television.

Our connections with other people/animals/nature/the weather, reflect back at us a sense of who we are. Whether we are giving, receiving, sharing or simply experiencing. The breath, food, drink and whatever we take into the physical body are a direct connection to the rest of the world. In a wider sense think about who produced the food you eat, where it was grown, how it got to your plate. Our senses - Touch, sight, sound, hearing, taste, smell, all connect us to the world and our environment. Our body is our interface with the world around us. The more we attune to the senses the richer our experience of life will be. That's why an Asana practice is so rewarding - it offers us the opportunity to fine tune the awareness and harmonise the mind and body. This is a broad subject and as usual it's impossible to do it justice in these few lines but it's food for thought!

So that's what I'm inviting you to think about during this weeks practice. The heart - Anahata chakra governs our sense of connection. The heart chakra governs the circulatory system, the respiratory system and the hands - incredibly sophisticated tools with which we reach out to the world and interact with it. Lets see where we get to - the session I have planned features quite a lot of Plank variations/ Wild Thing, perhaps a little arm balancing, as well as some powerful Kriya to activate the heart centre but I never really know how it will shape up until I connect with all of you lot during the week! Hopefully it will be fun - because connection is kind of about play - another avenue to ponder!



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