BALANCING YIN & YANG: 15 -20th March 21

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After last weeks practice which intensively worked the sides of the body and inner thighs, I thought we should bring everything back into balance a bit before we continue with that theme (and we definitely will) as it's a spring time practice and there's still a lot of spring to come.

Yoga is after all about harmony and balance - something we can bring more and more into our practice through our approach to each posture - something I touched on last week in this blog (remember the stuff about not using force?).

Some poses are by their nature Yin - eg. forward folds and hip openers. Back bends and side bend are more Yang. Twists are balancing.

From another point of view - holding a supported pose for a longer time and completely relaxing into it is more Yin, whilst holding a pose that requires muscular support is more Yang.

Yin energy flows downwards. Yang flows upwards. Can you balance these forces out in every pose? How does the breath assist with balancing this flow?

The 12 Chinese Meridians are paired. Of each pair one is Yin and the other is Yang. And that's how we tend to work with them - as with last week practice focusing on the Liver and Gall bladder.

These are the principle pairs:

Stomach - Yang Spleen - Yin

Small Intestine - Yang Heart - Yin

Bladder - Yang Kidney - Yin

Triple Heater- Yang Pericardium - Yin

Gall Bladder - Yang Liver - Yin

Large intestine - Yang Lung - Yin

This week's practice will hopefully take us on a merry dance through postures that work on all of the meridians. using pose and counter-pose to balance up the mind and body.

Lastly - if you haven't seen it yet - look on my FB page for details of 15yr old Tedhg O'Sullivan's amazing achievement. He's the son of Tess (a regular class member) and he ran 98km (just over 60 miles) to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. Maybe you will be inspired to donate or to share his amazing achievement with others. Go Tedhg!!!

See you in class



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