A different perspective - 8th -13th Mar 21

That's it! As far as I'm concerned it is definitely

spring! There are lambs in the fields and daffodils are out and.....I just IS!

In light of this, the practice I have devised for you this week focuses on opening and strengthening the inside and outside lines of the body - not just side bends, but side stretches and inner thigh/groin opening.


Well basically it's to access the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians in the body which will help to boost a sluggish digestion, and stimulate an internal detox (yep I know - second time this year but kind of different start point) . These meridians are governed the wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the element assiociated with spring and growth. Working the side body brings more mobility to the lower spine and mentally gives us a different perspective on things, no matter what you have going on in your life right now - particularly useful if you are feeling jaded!

The tradition of Yoga does not have a wood element. A purely yoga inspired spring practice might focus primarily on twists - to stimulate Manipura chakra and the digestion, hip openers to invigorate svadisthana chakra for an easy transition into spring. So twists may become more in focus as this month progresses, but it's interesting and relevant to link these different traditions - Yoga and TCM - as do Japanese Yoga styles and Yin Yoga. The latter works primarily on the connective tissue in the body - the tendons, ligaments and fascia, which is where structures that relate to the meridians have been identified.

Something that got discussed last week, before and after class was this idea that we have to push and go further in a pose - in spite of knowing we shouldn't. And trust me - you do know where you should be in a pose. You can feel it! Many times we let the ego get in the way of what we should be doing and push too far, risking injury at worst, or just deleting any positive benefit from a pose. So, just saying.........ditch the ego and listen to your body instead. We all need to do this more - self not excepted! Go slowly into each pose and feel for the sweet spot where your breath can expand.

See you in class lovelies


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